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s02e20 - The Crossroads of Destiny


23 July 2014

I think of all the new responsibilities I’ll have this upcoming school semester and find myself feeling really anxious. Funny, these responsibilities are something that I wanted, but because it’ll all be so foreign to me I’m over here asking myself, “What if I’m awful at it?” or “What if I embarrass myself?”.

Like, you guys, I can not STRESS the importance of stepping out on a limb as early as you possibly can. I would hate for anyone to feel the way I feel right now: excited, but not as confident as I probably should be; idealistic, but afraid of failure. 



omg but how did i miss this???

Anonymous asked: i don't alwys keep up with news, but what is all this about QueenBey and JayZ maybe breaking up? Is there any truth to it? I don't get it, they were together for so long, and we were all waiting for them to marry, and now that they're a happy family, nobody likes it? Is it just TMZ or whoever spreading lies or is there really something behind it?

I’ll make it short and sweet: The only people who would know the answers to these rumors are Beyonce and Jay Z! A lowly human such as myself wouldn’t, lol