sugahwaatah replied to your post: I’m actually really tired of seeing people…

It makes me want to TS the word “social justice.” People act like just because you point out X is oppressive and problematic you’re weeping in the corner and if you were weeping in the corner, so what? some shit is really hurtful

And then they want to act like you’re just being so OUTRAGEOUS when you react angrily! It’s like, look, we understand that you are uncomfortable with possibly considering that the people you like or the shit you may enjoy is problematic, but don’t be sitting there huffing, puffing, and talking down to folks because you don’t know how to handle yourself. 

I also get as angry as fuck too when I see people of marginalized groups, especially (white) queer people, calling folks who mostly talk about racism SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS and have some wayward shit to say when POCs/QPOCs talk about white behavior, but will want people to care and listen to their complaints when they’re talking about fucking homophobia.

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