I’ve honestly lost my patience discussing Zoe Saldana and this Nina Simone biopic, but I’m just going to be real when I say that if I see one more person defending Zoe or this movie, I’m either unfollowing you or (being lenient) tumblr savioring you. I’m not going to stand aside and watch as people defend the offensive nature of this biopic and intentionally ignore how fucking problematic it is for a mixed race, lighter skinned Black Latina to exaggerate her own features just to play a dark-skinned, Black American woman, whose life was defined by her physical appearance. 

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  2. morismako said: i literally wanted to punch that one personn who said it isn’t blackface because she isn’t white. smfh for these assholes.
  3. schoefflings said: my patience is nil to none. it’s indefensible and unbelievable. but i hope this mess gets left on the cutting room floor.
  4. rifles said: the backlash is pretty strong, i wouldnt be surprised if production is abandoned
  5. mizoguchi said: omg you’ve seen people DEFEND her? :( that’s depressing tbh
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